But I can't say Sylvester (ferretsofglory) wrote in ljvoices,
But I can't say Sylvester

No one else play the lounge game? Come on!!

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I'm dumping Mac fer good now. I want me some Joey Trombone!
Joey was part of the original Rat Pack, no joke!
You think I'd dump Mac DadDy for just anyone??
Oh BRAVO! BRA-fucking-VO!
Joey knows how to rock it!
Wow, now look who has stalkeritus! ;P
The power of the mustelid is stronger than any of us!
Even Mr. Jungle?
Well thats a tough call, its like Sammy vs. Dean ya know?
Dean wins. Hands down.
Do you think so? The styles are so different. Dean'o is by far the coolest but Sammy had his own thing going on too that I don't think Dean could match.

Same for Joey and Jungle. Although. Joey has a MUCH cooler name. I gotta work on that.
I take Dean over everybody. Vooooooo-lare. Gawd I love that guy.

You don't think Mr. Jungle is a good name? Maybe give him a first name too.
Dean has this version of Sway, but its not Sway, I forget right now. I heard it one day when I was travelling and man, I swear to you it was the hippest song I have EVER ever heard. I've not been able to track it down since.

Tried requesting it but the song that is titled Sway isn't the one I heard or I got some kinda special version of it on that station that day. Dean is the shit.

I think its the Mr. part that bothers me. I like Jungle. I gotta think about this
Bitch, he sent me a link here. Shut yo mouf.
Here, open this bag of jelly beans too
Uh huh. That's what they all say. *opens mouth real big*
Ax him.
It's ok, really. I alrady know the truth... I don't need to ax.

Tracy, seriously ... when the phone ain't ringing, thats me not calling.
*sniff* Ouch. That hurt. :( I have feelings too, you know.
Oh chin up soldier.

How in the world did you see me over here, anyway? You were here in December & you just HAPPENED to check back?

Hello Kettle?
*dries tears* *sniffle*

I came back here because a certain other rodenT made mention of it.

And by the way, in case you're interested, which I'm sure you aren't... my name is Pot, not Kettle.
You mean he sends us the same emails everyday?

I assume in stalking my list you saw this today? LOL I showed farteTerreT & he pointed me to Joey.

Maybe? How I know? I know nothing.

Who said I stalk your list?! But yes, I saw. :P